Sampath Bank United States ExpressВ® Daily Charge Card

Sampath Bank United States ExpressВ® Daily Charge Card

The Card that let’s you save your self while you may spend !

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The Sampath Bank daily charge card may be the very first bank card in Sri Lanka with an all year round ‘Cash Back’ benefit. It’s the Card that is perfect that your life style, letting you explore and take to brand new things utilizing the additional advantage of being rewarded each time you make use of your Card.

That’s not absolutely all, additionally, you will take advantage of being using the Bank which provides you amazing discounts and discounts with a sizable selection of lovers, making certain you aspire that you get your moneys’ worth and the freedom to live the life!

Therefore whether it is during the supermarket or a vacation abroad, whether spending utility bills or shopping on the internet you should use your Sampath Bank daily bank card and luxuriate in ‘Cash Back’ combined with the ‘Real Discounts’ which offers you the opportunity to conserve when you invest.

A Delightful Greeting

‘Cash Back’ of 25% on your own very first deal.

Begin shopping straight away, because so now you arrive at enjoy an enjoyable 25% ‘Cash Back’ on the transaction that is first for or solutions bought. So have hold of one’s really very own Sampath Bank daily charge card and begin saving whilst you invest!

# you can make as much as an optimum ‘Cash Back’ of Rs. 1,000/ – for the very first deal.

  • In case your very first deal value is Rs. 4,000/-, the ‘Cash Back’ made is Rs. 1,000/- (Rs. 4,000/- x 25%).
  • In case your very first deal value is Rs. 10,000/-, the ‘Cash Back’ made is Rs. 1,000/- (Rs. 10,000/- x 25%) – Maximum ‘Cash Back’ of Rs. 1,000/- is provided.
  • In the event the very first deal value is Rs. 2,000/-, the ‘Cash Back’ acquired is Rs. 500/- (Rs. 2,000/- x 25%)

Cardmember should perform the transaction that is first the very first 60 times from card authorized date to qualify for the 25% welcome offer excluding instalment transactions, month-to-month instalment amounts, money instalment plans, stability transfers, payday loans, bank fees & charges, marketing deals, tobacco, liquor, casino or gambling transactions performed regional, overseas or online.

‘Cash Back’ is a benefit that is direct where a share of the invest is credited back once again to your charge card account. Being a Cardmember you may be eligible for a money reward on a basis that is monthly once you buy products and services making use of your Card. The primary advantageous asset of this cash now Louisiana is Cardmembers have the ability to save well on their day-to-day costs. What this means is the greater amount of you may spend the more you conserve!

Does the Sampath Bank Everyday charge card provide the exact same advantages as regular bank cards?

Sampath Bank daily Credit Card works in the same manner as regular bank cards with all the ‘Cash right right Back’ acting as a additional incentive. You shall have the ability to make use of your Card like most other charge card to help make purchases.

With Sampath Bank daily charge card, you will will have the main benefit of saving as you invest.

Calculation of ‘Cash Back’

The worth of total purchases is going to be curved down into the rupee that is nearest ahead of the above calculation is done. In the event that total acquisitions on your statement that is monthly is. 29,999.50. ‘Cash Back’ will undoubtedly be determined on Rs. 30,000/- (Rs. 29,999.50 rounded up into the nearest rupee) plus the ‘Cash Back’ attained is Rs. 300/- (Rs. 30,000/- x 1% = Rs. 300/-).

The‘Cash that is final’ quantity for total acquisitions should be determined while the precise digits in the 1st two decimal points. In the event that total acquisitions on the statement that is monthly is. 29,999.40, ‘Cash Back’ will likely be determined on Rs. 29,999/- (Rs. 29,999.40 is rounded right down to the nearest rupee) additionally the ‘Cash Back’ attained is Rs.149.99 (Rs. 29,999/- x 0.5% = Rs. 149.99 precise digits right down to the initial two decimal points).

  • Deals considered for 15% gas, Supermarket and domestic bill Payment won’t be entitled for the typical ‘Cash Back’ with effect from 01 st May 2020.
  • + Cardmember statement that is monthly

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