Dear Annie: My gf worries I’m planning to keep her exactly like her ex-husband did

Dear Annie: My gf worries I’m planning to keep her exactly like her ex-husband did

Annie Lane writes the Dear Annie advice line.

Dear Anne: I’m a 49-year-old that has been dating and coping with my gf for nearly one now year. I’m madly in love along with her, and she states exactly the same. We now have mentioned wedding, and I sooo want to, but she keeps saying no.

She had a marriage that is 25-year she thought would last forever. She was in fact solitary for a several years, before the time we began dating. Whenever we speak about it, she states her fear is that, 1 day, i shall leave her, too. She can’t be got by me to know that I’m in contrast to that, and she would have to take to difficult to push me personally away.

Exactly what can i really do or state to help relieve her head? — Confused and In Love

Dear Confused plus in Love: It sounds like this woman is traumatized through the abandonment she suffered during her very first wedding. This woman is frozen with fear, anticipating that just what occurred to her the time that is first take place once more.

As a few, interaction is key. In the place of wanting to “get her to understand” that you’re perhaps not that way, tune in to her issues. Then, as opposed to pressuring her to accomplish one thing she will not feel safe with, decide to try producing some future plans. Continue steadily to show exacltly what the requirements are, and allow her to convey her needs, without wanting to change her. And encourage her to find help that is professional her injury. It seems like she actually is harming.

Dear Annie: it is for “Unheard Girlfriend,” the girl whose husband to be does not assistance with the housework also though they both work, while she additionally does most of the kid care tasks.

Years back, I experienced an extremely good male buddy with who we invested considerable time. We viewed ball games while their wife invested the night household that is doing. It frustrated me personally which he didn’t assist, and so I provided it to him the following: I simply don’t get why, in the event that you really like somebody, you’d would like them to the office full-time as if you, and then invest the night working while you stay right here having a good time.

In the event that you both share the work, then you’ll have more time for you to enjoy one another and she won’t be therefore exhausted. It worked! From then on, he took pride in showing me the menu of chores she’d given him to perform while she ended up being gone at the job. (Like lots of men, he’d grown up in a home where housework had not been anticipated of him, therefore he needed guidance). Everybody dirties things, so every person should figure out how to tidy up after by themselves. — Buddy Whom Required a Nudge

Dear Nudge: You appear to be a really friend that is good. Often, we require buddies or family members — or advice columnists — inside our life who see our blind spots and point them down in a effective way. It may sting within the minute for just a little but will likely be definitely better into the run that is long understand the truth. Bravo to you personally.

Coleen says

Of course we don’t think it’s dreaming about a great deal to would like a relationship where your spouse really really loves you as much as you adore her. Similarly, we actually admire your girlfriend to be that is honest can’t happen effortless because she’ll have known it could hurt you.

From everything you’ve stated, it appears as though she would like to just just take things slowly as well as perhaps she’s simply not willing to simply simply take that next step – and by saying “I favor you”, it is getting severe. That doesn’t suggest the love won’t grow and she’ll start to feel more confident and protected with you.

Nonetheless, we completely appreciate just how her ‘rejection’ has brought the wind from your sails. Also it’s hard right now since you can’t just pop up to talk it through along with her.

I believe it is actually down seriously to one to determine it is and to hang in there to see how things develop if you’re prepared to accept the relationship for what.

Regarding the good side, it has all been going great and there’s plenty here to create in.

Often, though, while things look perfect in some recoverable format and you will get along well, there’s a particular one thing missing – that indefinable X factor.

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